Summer 2023

In our Summer 2023 issue, we have work by fifteen authors: fourteen short stories, including our Flash Fiction Contest winner and honorable mentions, and three pieces of nonfiction.

Contest Winner & Honorable Mentions

Thank you to Chelsea T. Hicks for judging for us!

Ashley Beresch, Would You Rather (Winner)
Brenda Yates, Starting Fresh (Honorable Mention)
Xochi Cartland, Response to Amy Hempel (Honorable Mention)

General Submissions: Fiction

Clara Roberts, The Taste of Escape
Brendan Todt, When You Feel It,” “We Do Not Love Each Other Exactly
Bibi Berki, Shattered
Jan Allen, What Would Judas I. Do?”
Kayla Wiltfong, This Is How I Feel Better,” “My House Is Haunted
Tyler Barlass,The Trophy
Brooks C. Mendell,Aliens Want Space, Too
Kathy Sherwood,Spill Your Guts
Lea Murray,I Am Ready

General Submissions: Nonfiction

Adrianna Sanchez-Lopez, Widowmaker
Lorraine Hanlon Comanor, Compliments
Katharyn Howd Machan, Apples

Contest Finalists

Cemile Guldal, “The Village of the Sleeping Dead”
Liz DeGregorio, “Blink”
MaxieJane Frazier, “Stop”
Brandi Ocasio, “The Child’s Jaunt”
Robert Warf, “Blackline”
Juliana Warta, “Bringing Mom Home”