And it’s here: our third issue! This pandemic-baby litmag is pleased to keep at it; thanks to everyone who’s submitted, supported, shared, etc.

In this issue we have ten pieces of fiction and four pieces of creative nonfiction. There’s food, stars, mythology, and more. We hope you enjoy.

Salvatore Difalco, “Grasshopper”
Lana Ayers, “Coming Down”
Hibah Shabkhez, “Sunrise”
Sharon LaCour, “Stamper”
Wilson Taylor, “Tense”; “Canyons”
Steve Dennis, “This Man”
F.M. Scott, “Palindrome”
Jennifer Geisinger, “We Girls”
Yash Seyedbagheri, “Mad”

Alice Lowe, “Comfort Food”; “Three Rs”
Bailey Gaylin Moore, “Praying to Lyra”
Jennifer Geisinger, “Find Yourself”

background image by Jillian Dawson