Image: “Alone at Midnight” by Jillian Dawson


Barber,” Alexander Shalom Joseph

Fragile,” Eve West Bessier

Picture Day at Motherland Disposal Center,” F.M. Scott

Which One,” Ivy Goodman

Water Cycle,” Kristin Chemis

Don’t Move” and “Margeaux is my roommate.,” Dale Trumbore

The Rains of Caledonia,” Kody Ford

Lydia’s Kitchen,” “Lydia’s Basement,” and “Lydia’s Bedroom,” Gina Margolies

How to Be Alone in Chaos: 10 Easy Steps,” Leah Blevins, Jessi Cornell, Arthur Malcolm Dixon, Steve Dennis, Laurence Foshee, and Mary Abbruzzese


My Husbands, from Ages Seven to Twenty-Seven,” Michelle Cristiani

Mostly Normal,” Alexis Kelleher

Strike Three,” D. Dina Friedman