Fall 2020

From the Editor:

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted to or otherwise supported this fledgling lit mag. We couldn’t do this without you, of course. It’s been invigorating to enjoy the privilege of reading through such honest and revelatory work—so we extend our gratitude.

Here, in our inaugural issue, you’ll find eight essays and nine stories. A theme that seems to run throughout: loneliness. A sign of our times and my favorite theme to explore. There’s a quietness, a subtle but effective and piercing emotion, to these pieces–there are reflections on the realities of our new pandemic-stricken world; meditations on love (familial, romantic, friendly, self-) lost and found; imaginings of both new and familiar earthly maladies; and more. I hope you’ll enjoy this, our Fall 2020 issue!

Issue background art by Jillian Dawson.